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Heat Pump Rebates

Roughrider Electric is continuing the conservation and energy-efficiency program through 2017.  The incentives are designed to help you, the member-owner, become more energy efficient.

The program for 2017 will include Ground-Source Heat Pump and Air-Source Heat Pumps.

Qualifying systems must be purchased and installed between Jan 1, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017.

The program is for new installation or replacement of a conventional heating system.

Roughrider Electric personnel will do a check on the installation and obtain appropriate documentation and receipts.  Once completed and approved, Roughrider Electric will send a check directly to you to help defray the purchase cost.

A mazimum dollar amount has been set aside for the incentive program.  When this amount has been met, the program will close.  Roughrider Electric reserves the right to cancel the program without further notice.  One rebate allowed per member.

For more information, please contact Brad Quenette, director  member services, at 800-748-5533

Heat pump must meet the following minimum requirements.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps: $150 per ton with a mazimum rebate of $600
Required minimum efficiency Closed Loop:  EER >= 14.1    COP >= 3.3
  Open Loop:    EER >= 16.2    COP >= 3.6




Air Source Heat Pumps: $100 per ton with a mazimum rebate of $400
Required minimum efficiency HSPF >= 8.2    EER >= 12    SEER >= 14.5  










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